Sunday, July 3, 2011

End of Semester 1 celebrations

Last week I completed my first semester of this degree!! It feels great!! My Director at work asked me if I think I passed everything… um … of course! Haha. That was my mindset in my law degree ‘P’s for Degrees’ baby, cos everyone gets the same degree in the end whether you pass or get distinctions. (Honours are great but not so vital in law, unless you have your nose up your bum and dying to get into a ‘top tier’ firm in which case you’d work your ass off only to miss out because you’ve failed to develop social/interpersonal skills from hibernating in your study den…) Sorry, I’m a bit scarred from that experience.

This time around, its like I felt when I was back in highschool – I WANT to study and achieve high marks, it makes me happy! But at the same time I’m not stressed out about it – its an entirely voluntary and positive experience. I’m taking control of my life and career and am doing this for ME :) *cough* NERD alert!

So now that exam block is over I have just under one month of holidays from uni and plan to fill July with as much fun as I can, highlights have been/will be:

1. Brunch with some of my fit friends the weekend just gone by– have you noticed that we tend not to be big drinkers of alcohol, but we all love coffee and breakfast foods? We had so much fun chat chat chatting and as usual time flew.
2. Yesterday I had a fitting for my wedding dress which has arrived in Oz – the one where I got to try it on with my shoes and special wedding undies (or lingerie if you’re fancy) !!! It’s the perfect length with my shoes and I chose a simple veil which I think I’m more in love with than the dress :P
3. Harry Potter 7 – part 2 of the Deathly Hallows comes out 12/13 July so we’re goin as early as we can - big potter fans so a bit sad this will be the last movie… there may be capes and wands involved!
4. My birthday on the 22nd – can’t believe I’ll be 26!!! I considered not celebrating my birthday this year given the hen’s night and wedding will be upon us so soon… Who am I to hog another of my friends’ weekends? Then I came to my senses, screw that! I’m worth it! Lol- so July AND August are all about me J
5. Hair trial for the wedding is on 23rd July. Up until I tried on my dress on Saturday I always wanted my hair down. But when I put on the veil I suddenly pictured it up in a high bun… now I’m confused, bah to decisions!!
6. Anti – climax to the month: Back to uni on the 25th July… I’m sure I’ll be rearing to go by then.

Have a great July!

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  1. Oh Steph, I felt like that with pharmacy - I was strictly a "4" type of chick the whole way through. I was delighted to get a "7" when I studied Human Movements!
    And I'll be sad when Harry wraps up also.

    Good luck with the wedding do :)